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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

Its going to be a TERRIFIC Tuesday!!!
Here are my TOP TEN reasons to smile today!
Do you have 1 reason to smile you can share with me?
1. Spring is in 8 days!!
2. My crocus are growing like crazy! Can't wait to see that first flower peek out!
3. It's getting warm enough to open a few windows now and then!
4. My wonderful friends
5. My wonderful Family
6.Picking out paint and other things for a few Spring updates on the house!!
7. Daughters and my grandsons! I am so very blessed!
8. My Jamberry Family!
9. The opportunity to work from home
10. The opportunity to help other people just because I can and I want to!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

These are so stinkin' CUTE!!!!!

These mini Easter baskets from Anjeanette of Roots and Wings Co. are so clever. They use cupcake liners and are just the perfect size for an individual Easter egg, whether plastic or real! Give as favors or write names on the plastic Easter eggs and use for decorative Easter place-cards.

Mini Cupcake Easter Basket


  • 1 piece of patterned paper
  • 1 piece of contrasting paper

    Mini Easter Basket Materials
  • 1 king-sized cupcake liner

    King Size Cupcake Liners
  • 1 regular cupcake liner


  1. Cut a strip of the patterned paper about 1 inch tall. I use the whole width of the paper and cut it to size in a bit.

    Mini Easter Basket Step 1
  2. Cut the contrasting paper about 1/4 inch taller than the patterned paper. Stack the contrasting paper behind the patterned paper, and using a good paper glue (non-buckling glue), glue them together. Glue them into a circle the same diameter as the bottom of your cupcake liner. Cut it if it is too long.

    Mini Easter Step 2
  3. Slip the cupcake liner into the circle and glue into place.

    Mini Easter Basket Step 3
  4. To make the handle cut a strip of the patterned paper about 1/4 inch wide. Cut the contrasting paper about 3/4 inch wide.

    Mini Easter Basket Step 4
  5. Stack the patterned paper on top of the contrasting paper and using the same good paper glue, glue down the center of the contrasting paper.

    Mini Easter Basket Step 5
  6. Glue the bottom of the handle into the bottom of the basket. The glue will be hidden.

    Mini Easter Basket Step 6
  7. Take your regular cupcake liner and glue to the inside of the basket. You just want to glue the bottom and let the sides conform to the inside of the basket.

    Mini Easter Basket Step 7
  8. The inside is nicely lined and you don't see any glue.

    Mini Easter Basket Step 8
  9. Now the cute little basket needs a little dressing up. My Mom showed us how to make these bows when we were little. Since she was over, I decided to use her hands to demonstrate. Take a length of ribbon (for this, I used about 8 inches) and wrap the middle around your assistant's fingers like so:

    Mini Easter Basket Step 9
  10. Cross the ribbon under their fingers. Bring the ribbon up between their fingers above and below the twist

    Mini Easter Basket Step 10
  11. Tie in a knot. Take the ribbon off your assistant's fingers and you have a nice little bow. Trim the ends if needed.

    Mini Easter Basket Step 11
  12. Attach the bow to your handle, stuff it with some grass and place a filled egg, or a chocolate bunny in it. These would be adorable filled with chocolate bunnies and set at each person's place setting at the Easter table.