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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jamberry NEW Fall catalog!!!! It's here!!!

The Jamberry new Fall catalog is up and running!! Come and check out our awesome new Fall, Halloween, Christmas and NEW designs!! Something for everyone!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Jamberry Nails!!

Life is full of surprises!!! Every turn can take you somewhere different!!

I started a journey with Jamberry Nails almost one year ago! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would find a company that I could be so successful in!!

Jamberry is offering an exciting sign up opportunity for the month of July!

Ask me for more info!! Change your life today! I am so happy I took that leap of faith!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

Its going to be a TERRIFIC Tuesday!!!
Here are my TOP TEN reasons to smile today!
Do you have 1 reason to smile you can share with me?
1. Spring is in 8 days!!
2. My crocus are growing like crazy! Can't wait to see that first flower peek out!
3. It's getting warm enough to open a few windows now and then!
4. My wonderful friends
5. My wonderful Family
6.Picking out paint and other things for a few Spring updates on the house!!
7. Daughters and my grandsons! I am so very blessed!
8. My Jamberry Family!
9. The opportunity to work from home
10. The opportunity to help other people just because I can and I want to!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

These are so stinkin' CUTE!!!!!

These mini Easter baskets from Anjeanette of Roots and Wings Co. are so clever. They use cupcake liners and are just the perfect size for an individual Easter egg, whether plastic or real! Give as favors or write names on the plastic Easter eggs and use for decorative Easter place-cards.

Mini Cupcake Easter Basket


  • 1 piece of patterned paper
  • 1 piece of contrasting paper

    Mini Easter Basket Materials
  • 1 king-sized cupcake liner

    King Size Cupcake Liners
  • 1 regular cupcake liner


  1. Cut a strip of the patterned paper about 1 inch tall. I use the whole width of the paper and cut it to size in a bit.

    Mini Easter Basket Step 1
  2. Cut the contrasting paper about 1/4 inch taller than the patterned paper. Stack the contrasting paper behind the patterned paper, and using a good paper glue (non-buckling glue), glue them together. Glue them into a circle the same diameter as the bottom of your cupcake liner. Cut it if it is too long.

    Mini Easter Step 2
  3. Slip the cupcake liner into the circle and glue into place.

    Mini Easter Basket Step 3
  4. To make the handle cut a strip of the patterned paper about 1/4 inch wide. Cut the contrasting paper about 3/4 inch wide.

    Mini Easter Basket Step 4
  5. Stack the patterned paper on top of the contrasting paper and using the same good paper glue, glue down the center of the contrasting paper.

    Mini Easter Basket Step 5
  6. Glue the bottom of the handle into the bottom of the basket. The glue will be hidden.

    Mini Easter Basket Step 6
  7. Take your regular cupcake liner and glue to the inside of the basket. You just want to glue the bottom and let the sides conform to the inside of the basket.

    Mini Easter Basket Step 7
  8. The inside is nicely lined and you don't see any glue.

    Mini Easter Basket Step 8
  9. Now the cute little basket needs a little dressing up. My Mom showed us how to make these bows when we were little. Since she was over, I decided to use her hands to demonstrate. Take a length of ribbon (for this, I used about 8 inches) and wrap the middle around your assistant's fingers like so:

    Mini Easter Basket Step 9
  10. Cross the ribbon under their fingers. Bring the ribbon up between their fingers above and below the twist

    Mini Easter Basket Step 10
  11. Tie in a knot. Take the ribbon off your assistant's fingers and you have a nice little bow. Trim the ends if needed.

    Mini Easter Basket Step 11
  12. Attach the bow to your handle, stuff it with some grass and place a filled egg, or a chocolate bunny in it. These would be adorable filled with chocolate bunnies and set at each person's place setting at the Easter table.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just a few more days if you want any of the retiring designs!! If you go to the website under the shop category, all retirees are listed under the first category of going going gone! All are buy 3 get one free, and any orders received by 11:59 pm 2/27 will get entries into our mystery hostess drawing! Will be drawing the winner on 2/28 at noon!!! Also, our February Sister Style Exclusive is only available until 2/28! The monochromatic will fit well with many many clothing choices!!! And will not be available again!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Enter to win 12 months of FREE Sister Style exclusives from Jamberry Nails!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guess what???
I have a secret! Jamberry Nails is making changes! And the newest one is HUGE! Our business is going to soar!!! BUT...I can't tell you!!!
UNLESS you join my team! If you are looking for a ground floor opportunity with a company that is going places, please, lets talk!
I have never been more excited about any business opportunity or company as I am now!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Retiring Jamberry Nail Designs

Time for a new catalog!!
The following designs will only be available until 2/28/13
See something you like? 
Get em while you can! Once they are gone thier gone!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

CUTE Idea!!

Denim Circle Tree
  • Plywood rectangle
  • Sand paper
  • White spray paint
  • Recycled denim
  • Patterned fabric
  • Scissors
  • White craft glue or Elmer's Glue All
  • Paintbrush

  1. Lightly sand the plywood, removing any rough edges. Spray the plywood with white spray paint and allow to dry. Add a second coat and let dry. Light sand if it feel rough to the touch.

    Denim Circle Tree
  2. Cut denim and fabrics into different sized circles.

    Denim Circle Tree
  3. Arrange circles on the plywood, layering different sizes of contrasting colors and patterns. Use some with three layers, others with two, and some just with one.

    Denim Circle Tree
  4. Cut a tree trunk from a piece of denim.

    Denim Circle Tree
  5. Cut the trunk into strips.

    Denim Circle Tree
  6. Lay the strips of trunk on the plywood.

    Denim Circle Tree
  7. Once you have everything arranged the way that you want it, use a paintbrush to lightly apply a coat of glue to the back of the denim. Be careful not to get glue on the front as it can discolor the denim, making it darker. Gently press and smooth the pieces in place.

    Denim Circle Tree
Please take a few minutes and visit my friend Angelin'as websites!!!
Anything you need? She can help you out!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Spirit Lockets is a new affilaite company you can Join for free....check them out!
If you need a special gift..this is the place to go!

Getting back to the blog!! I have been a way for a while, but looking to share's been a  little rough, but it;s a new year and new beginnings!!! Watch for lots of new stuff!!

I made some wire wrapped earring for Christmas presents, had never done it before.....see pictures and my attempts, they were very well received!!

Pretty good for a beginner?????
Hope you like!