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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Life or something like it....

I think I am ready to go stir crazy.....
This surgery has really made me slow down and it is a hard thing to get used to when you are so used to going practically 24/7!! I did manage to get a few projects done in the last few days...and it looks like they will even be on time..that's almost scary for me!!!! Today I think I will work on my craft room a little, it still needs some organizing...and I may as well get it done while I am not working.
Funny how we always want time off work..but when we get it, we are searching for things to do! I guess when you are used to working 10+ hours a day, and then you are forced to "sit" and do nothing for two weeks..well it takes its toll!!!
doctors appointment on Friday so I can see how much longer I will be off!!!

Happy Tuesday to everyone!!

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